For over 17 years, Cerissa Tate has leveraged a passion for creativity and a desire to exceed client expectations to create a successful interior design business in San Antonio, Texas.  As a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta, Cerissa recognizes the importance of balancing thoughtful, functional design with aesthetic beauty and unique perspectives.  Her custom creations have been delighting clients and feeding her passion to create beautiful interiors ever since.

As a successful business owner, Cerissa believes that her business will only be as successful as the relationships which she develops.  her working relationships with local vendors and construction professionals enables her to source the best products and services for her clients.  This value-added benefit means that local dollars stay local, when possible, to give back to the community in which she lives and serves.  Clients can expect the best from both her design firm, Industrious Interiors, and the professionals with whom she collaborates. 

Cerissa believes that life is a journey worth taking and that she should live that life with passion, purpose, and joy.  Success is best achieved and enjoyed when you are fully committed to your endeavors.  As such, her commitment to achieving successful design projects means that she isn't afraid to pull clients outside of their comfort zones or to try new and exciting ideas to accomplish those clients' goals.  Her ultimate goal is to help her clients manifest their design dreams which remaining respectful of their design budget.

Cerissa is an active allied member of both the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the National Kitchen and bath Association (NKBA), two professional design organizations.  Through her ASID & NKBA memberships and other professional relationships, she continually strives to improve her career knowledge, skills, and abilities through training opportunities and professional activities.

Her award-winning designs have garnered her attention and praise by both residential and commercial clients.  Both impactful and beautiful, Cerissa's designs will continue to delight clients for years to come.


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